Frieda Logan loves her life. It’s not perfect, but she has a wonderful job, an amazing best friend and a brother she adores—wants to strangle most of the time—but she loves him. When he takes off on a misguided adventure to research a book he wishes to write and goes missing, Frieda drops everything. Then, with her best friend in tow, heads off to Egypt to find him.

But, it soon becomes apparent that danger is everywhere and she cannot do this alone.

In rides Kro Al-Zunn, a man with dark eyes and even darker secrets. He’s roamed the planet for hundreds of years, immortal due to a god’s whim. Thrust back into the darkness of his past life, Kro must now protect Frieda and her friend from the monsters of the desert, find her brother and stop his heart from doing that weird thing when she's close.

But Kro knows the dangers lurking around every corner. What's more, he knows there are things that go bump in the night. And no matter what, must focus or none of them will get out alive

The fall from grace is always a long one

Death becomes him...

John Barrister has spent most of his life running from his destiny and the demons that laid dormant inside. But there comes a point in everyone’s lives when they must stop and face the madness.

Some will embrace it, others go mad.

In the end, no matter which he chooses, there are consequences.

BARRISTER - Coming soon

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